Transportation for Older Adults, Disabled Persons, Low-income Individuals, and Youth

How do I qualify to use transportation services I find in this website?
Each transportation service has its own set of qualifications.  Some transportation services are available to the public at large.   Each link or service description will have information about what, if anything, you need to do to be eligible for the service.

What is EERC’s area of service?  Do I need to live within its boundaries?
EERC advocates for older adults, disabled persons, low-income individuals, and youth in the area of East King County between Lake Washington and the Cascade foothills.  However, our links and services relate to getting around anywhere in the Puget Sound area.  You may use resources on this website no matter where you live.

Do I need to be a member of EERC to use its services?
No, but you are welcome to join us in working towards our goal of improving transportation options in East King County.  There is no cost to become an EERC member.